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1) With increasing penalties and surveillance technologies, do you think graffiti will end up surviving primarily as a legal activity?


That’s up to the future generations of young writers to decide. However, I propose that we shift the debate around and ask instead, ”Who’re these private entities that are disrespecting our privacy rights without impunity, and what are we doing about it?” This is the larger issue, and with the advent of the Patriot Act and other federal, state and local measures slowly chipping away at our constitutional rights, our world is slowly descending into a police state; with ever harsher and more unreasonable punishments for the most petty of infractions.

Government should be subservient to its people, but in today’s backwards-ass world it’s the other way around. We embrace this illusion of helplessness in the face of a corrupt system where bankers can ruin the economy and ruin honest people’s lives. They not only go scott-free, but get a check from Washington – YOUR money – and are free to do it all over again. A falsely elected President illegally uses his powers to enact a law repealing YOUR right to privacy, YOUR right to know what you’re being accused of, YOUR right to a fast and speedy trial, and others. Not only is this law not overturned, but this President isn’t even impeached. However, a kid who writes graffiti can do federal time. Do you know why things are this way? If not, have you ever questioned why you were brought up in the world’s greatest superpower and don’t know how the so-called ‘Democracy’ works? It’s no coincidence that we’ve been dumbed-down with consumption and sound-byte programming to think and live as free people. Check the science, b-boy. You better do the research and get empowered and start getting proactive. Like my man king DREAM TDK said, ”Dream, but don’t sleep!”
- Tempt One STN K2S


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